Maple Ridge Farm

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development and Team Building Program provide a dynamic process of building self-awareness and leadership skills through horse-human interactions. The ability of managers and leaders to effectively utilize these skills impacts an organization’s bottom line, since successful team building, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution efforts are crucial in today’s marketplace. Working with horses, individuals learn skills to enhance communication, trust, teamwork, and become more effective leaders.

 Why Horses? 

Horses are the masters of emotional intelligence.  They have an innate ability to read and process emotions as information.  They live and operate in the state of presence and complete awareness all the time and utilize the information that they receive from everything all at once, instantly.  Horses can see details simultaneously with the whole picture, because they are aware of physical presence and the non-physical sphere of energy. They are constantly in synch with themselves as well as every other creature on the earth, all at once. 

As an animal that is preyed upon in nature, the horse has a highly developed ability to sense changes in the environment and arousal level of other herd members.   Horses intuitively sense the emotions and energies around them, and in turn mirror and reflect those emotions and energies when interacting with us.  They respond to what we are actually communicating, often knowing our intentions before we do and providing honest and instant feedback.  The horse becomes the mirror in which we see ourselves and how we can measure our energy, effectiveness and non-verbal communication.  Horses operate on pure authenticity and congruency which gives us a genuine interpretation of our reality and helps to confirm our own truths.  Through their connection to our authentic self, horses transport us beyond our limitations into the boundless.

What is Equine Guided Learning?

Humans partnering with horses in a fun safe way by engaging in experiential learning activities. Studies consistently prove people learn best through direct experiences with 90% retention. The connection with horses invites participants to experience “learning by doing" with reflection. Through EGL we expand our nonverbal awareness and learn valuable tools that aid in our personal and professional growth. No prior horse experience needed. Horses inspire moments that facilitate rapid change and lasting results.